Our Story

The Heritage of Quality

The 1980’s saw the boom of the rice milling industry in the Philippines and Mr. Juanito Tio was at the forefront as the owner of the widely-known Valiant Rice Mill Corporation.  Starting out with a simple milling line in 1978, Mr. Tio’s commitment to quality was formed by his active involvement in grain sourcing, rice milling, and product distribution.  As he invested hard work together with suppliers and employees, the zeal for quality was imbibed in them.  Today, many suppliers and customers remain his loyal teammates. 

With experience gleaned through 25 years, he decided to expand operations by setting up a world-class grains processing center.  It was his desire for the succeeding generations of his family to continue excellently servicing his clients by ensuring that quality, his specialty, is sustainably delivered.  In 2003, they established the Family Choice Grains Processing Center located on the verdant plains of Isabela in northeastern Philippines.

With second generation rice magnates at the helm, we affirm that Family Choice is the quality choice for your family.  The company will continuously upgrade production techniques by investing in top-of-the-line technology from Japan, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, the United States, and Denmark.  You can count on Family Choice to be true to its heritage because quality is not a luxury, it is a necessity.